SwissTech Serial Terminal 5.4

Serial Terminal allows data to be transmitted and received through any communications port available on your computer. With simple user interface and scaleable advanced features, it suits various users and their connection needs. With the Macro Script feature you can customize transmission strings to be sent to a remote device to do such commands as setting baud rate of Bluetooth Modules using AT command set.

This software integrates perfectly with microcontroller UART development for serial communication and configuration as it allows quick and simple connections to be made to multiple devices. Currently in its Beta stage, new features will be added daily. Once satisfied with the feature pack, a publicly available version will be posted, until then all downloads will be restricted to clients of SwissTech Consulting.


  • Transmission in Hex, Bin, Dec, ASCII
  • Unlimited Custom Macro Scripts
  • Views in both Terminal or Separate
  • Send Receive Windows
  • Timed Automatic Transmission of Data
  • Developed using Visual Studio 2005 in C#