SwissTech Consulting is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. SwissTech began in July 2006 as a sole proprietorship. The company first started in the house of a UBC engineering student named Patrick Glass.

After years of doing only odd jobs for friends and family, Mr. Glass began developing more complete business solutions. Software design is now second nature to him, making it inevitable for our company to expand.

With the acquisition of a dedicated server and in-house designs of enterprise-level networks, SwissTech is now providing total solutions for business of the future.


SwissTech Serial Terminal

New software solution designed of to aid in the development of microcontroller communication or for network admin’s configuring multiple routers. SwissTech Serial Terminal allows data to be transmitted and received through any communications port available Read more…

Security Home Automation

Currently we are developing a device to be marketed towards the mainstream public as well as to the business sector which would allow full monitoring of a building using existing door and alarm sensors. The Read more…

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